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Clearwire Internet 4G You Can Buy In Philadelphia, Pa

Clearwire Internet 4G You Can Buy In Philadelphia, Pa

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CLEAR 4G is constantly expanding its coverage to new cities. Each day, much less are making use of 4G WiMAX technology and accessing wi-fi at speeds as fast as they'd get within your own. Whether you're doing business in Chicago, downloading music in Baltimore, or streaming the Trailblazers game on your laptop in Portland - CLEAR has you covered by insurance.


Their name is CLEAR and is using their costing. CLEAR offers combined mobile and home plans, home only plans, and voice plans starting at $30 a monthly. There are no tricks and stay away from surprises. All you get is a bond 4x the speed of 3G for a similar price as a ball and chain Internet access from your phone or cable workplace.


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