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Last 6th September 2014, Ms. Claudia Mularoni, CEO Pragmata Institute, took part as a speaker to the International Conference and Workshop on "Wastes as a source of Energy" organized by the World Union of Small and Medium Enterprises (WUSME). WUSME is a non-profit association established in 2010 in the  Republic of San Marino by a group of entrepreneurs, under the Patronage of San Marino Institutions, in order to protect, support and represent small and medium-sized Enterprises and crafts in the world. The conference, held in the Republic of San Marino, focused on the new technologies that can be applied to the Small and Medium Enterprises for processing wastes polluting in clean energy. Among the participants of the conference were:

- professionals, managers and technical experts in waste management a from public institutions, professional organizations, research and development, private companies from different countries (es. AUSTRIA, HUNGARY, CANADA, GERMANY, RUSSIA and other Eastern European countries);
- Councillors, officials and technicians responsible for
waste recycling and management at the municipal, provincial and regional level, from the Republic of San Marino and Italy;
- Representatives of non-governmental organizations.

Ms. Mularoni, during her intervention at the conference, exposed the EU policy on the Green Energy and the financial instruments available for the SMEs active in this field.


WUSME, non-profit association established in 2010 in the Republic of San Marino, is aimed to realize a worldwide network of people committed within Small and Medium Enterprises, public institutions, intergovernmental agencies, trade associations, training centers, research institutes and enterprises, in order to take advantage of all the synergies and all the cooperation opportunities that exist for the benefit of Small and Medium Enterprises which are an excellent tool for boosting the worldwide economy and for tackling the crisis. For further information, please visit its website: