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Mr. Emmanuel Mailafia (member of the International Relations Department of Pragmata Institute - Brussels Office) took part as speaker to the EU-AU Joint Session on Infrastructure for the Minerals Sector held in Brussels last 18th and 19th March and organized by the African Union Commission and the European Commission. The aim of this event was to discuss the infrastructure needs of the raw materials sector and identify ways in which those can find support in the broader context of existing and planned infrastructure projects and networks. The event delivered a link between the joint work of the African Union and the European Union within the Joint Africa-EU Strategy (JAES) on infrastructure and energy and the priority on raw materials to ensure coherence between the two as well as look into existing support programs for infrastructure development in Africa, such as the Programme for Infrastructure Development in Africa (PIDA) and look for possibilities of benefitting the raw materials sector. The session has been also an attempt to map the needs of the different African countries in terms of infrastructure for the sector and look into innovative approaches to stimulate investments in the sector.The agenda of the event can be dowloaded here. The speech of Mr. Mailafia focused on the following topics:

1. Brief presentation of Pragmata Institute including its role of Advisor of the African Union on their relations with the EU.

2. The importance of continuing the cooperation between the  European Union and the African Union with regards to the Minerals Sector.

3. Presentation of the ‘College to College Meeting’ (C2C) that will be held next 22nd  April between the EU Commission and the AU Commission for stocktaking the ongoing cooperatioon and in order to revive dialogue between these two important stakeholders of the world scenario.

4. Highlights on the multi-purpose leveraged impact that infrastructure development of the minerals sector will have on the wider economy.

5. Importance of Public Private Partnerships (PPP) and how through Pragmata Institutes advanced network, all sectors could develop stronger cooperation’s and partnerships. 


Mr. Emmanuel Mailafia at the AU-EU Joint Session on Infrastructure for the Minerals Sector