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The regional AFBAA (African Business Aviation Association) Symposium held in Addis Ababa on 24th  and 25th  September , hosted many VIP speakers.    Among them also Piero Scarpellini , General Director of Pragmata - Institute for the Development of International Relations and member of  AFBAA board. Mr. Scarpellini focused his speech on some important current issues involving the African continent , and on the role of  the African Business Aviation Association African as a key supporter of the commercial aviation community.

A specific analysis was made about the opportunities arising from the approach to the International Public Financing tools and from the capacity of a strategic integration of the different financial tools coming from the IFIs (European Union , European Investment Bank , African Development Bank, World Bank Group, Asian Development Bank and Islamic Development Bank ) in order to guarantee sustainability and support to the public and private projects in Africa.Mr Piero Scarpellini