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 08th July 2016– Bruxelles – Claudia Mularoni, CEO Pragmata, has moderated a Biochar Plus Meeting “Biochar systems in developing countries: achievements and opportunities” held on 8th July 2016 at the European Press Club in Brussels. The speakers of the events were: Prof. Alessandro Peressotti, University of Udine (Italy), Dr. Lucia Brusegan, Starter (Italy), Dr. Bah F. M. Saho, ECOWAS - Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (Cape Verde).

The meeting aimed to inform ACP Ambassadors and other relevant policymakers on the Biochar systems’ features, multiple benefits and related socio-economic opportunities in the developing countries; to identify strategies to forge effective alliances between the research community in order to sustain an effective implementation of Biochar systems throughout ACP countries; to laugh the ABP African Biochar Partnership as the African platform to support the dissemination of information, skills and concrete projects related to the Biochar systems.