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International Public Relations

Global economies are so tightly interconnected that institutions and companies are increasingly challenged to cooperate in ways we could not have imagined just a few years ago. Pragmata, thanks to its network of high-level contacts, assists Governments, International and National organizations and Business communities that wish to develop relations and activities in emerging Countries as a facilitating tool for success.

Lobbying activitIES  

Thanks to its presence in Brussels and Addis Ababa, Pragmata can assist Public and Private organizations with lobbying activities able to boost diplomacy processes and strategic projects,  gain political support, and secure funds coming from the connection of IFIs financial tools, enhancing negotiations on bilateral agreements and facilitating project sustainability.

Furthermore our office in Brussels is specialized also in the following fields:

  • Advice and consulting services on European Union's programs and funding; 
  • Assistance in the preparation of project applications, second reading of the project proposals and /or tender dossiers, verification of the administrative and procedural compliance;
  • Legal advice and pre-litigation services;
  • Follow up on the political activities of the European institutions and preparation of press reviews;
  • Creation and implementation of communication and dissemination campaigns.

Financial Engineering

Pragmata’s Senior International staff are able to respond to specific Client requirements. The Coordination Unit is now able to provide full project Finance Engineering coverage, from grants to guarantees, from debt to equity and all the financing windows made available by different National and Supranational Institutions. Pragmata covers Public Finance Products, Private Financing as well as Public Private Partnership Instruments.

Market Entry Strategy

Pragmata assists public and private companies in developing a market entry and international positioning strategy, that includes the analysis of all those relevant factors that are important in deciding the viability of entry into a particular market, including Country Strategy, economic climate, international political relations and agreements, and partner selection.

FINDING PartnerS / Investors

Pragmata entertains good relations with managers of Public and Private funds, International Financial Organizations whose purpose is to finance the development of the economy and infrastructures in Emerging Countries.  Pragmata can assist Public and Private organizations in identifying and selecting projects which are already in Government pipelines, with a certain degree of analysis at least at pre-feasibility level, to be submitted to fund lenders.

Trade Missions

Pragmata can organize economic missions dedicated to specific industrial sectors (supply chain), with an operational cut of matchmaking (b2b individual meetings), and guarantee specialized technical support as regards fiscal, customs, legal and financial  (local credit system and financial support tools) aspects.